COVID19 Safety Signs Pack

To assist Australian businesses in this challenging time, Vinyl Media has developed a safety signs pack with a different range of decals to keep your customers and staff safe.

Our ‘Safety Signs Pack’ will help to keep your business environment safe and COVID free. With detailed safety instructions, your employees and customers will have the required information, ensuring a safe work place. Our self-adhesive decals are easy to apply, can be installed on varying surfaces and substrates. Furthermore, they are removable from most surfaces and won’t leave behind any unwanted residue.

Packages ranging from $110.

Decals include:

  1. Maximum capacity – Area / Room
  2. Cashless payments only*
  3. Cashless payments – optional*
  4. Take-out only service*
  5. Attention – Please do not enter this facility
  6. Sanitise your hands before entering
  7. Please wear mask
  8. Please keep your social distance
  9. This screen is in place to help safeguard you and our team.*
  10. Seat unavailable*
  11. Please stand here – Line*
  12. Wash your hands – instructions
  13. Please wash your hands
*Ideal for face to face customer service

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Call for more information – 03 9943 8039